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DIY - Add Ductwork Supply To A Room

10 Jan, 2012 | Category: DIY

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To add an air conditioning or heating supply to a ceiling from an attic system with exposed ductwork, follow the steps below.

Materials Needed:

1 - 8x8x7 inch out the top ceiling box
1- Box 7 inch insulated flexible duct
1- 7 inch sticky collar with a damper
4- Duct Straps (very long Zip ties)
1- 8x8 ceiling supply register

Tools Needed

Sawzall, Large Box, Vacuum, Wire Cutters, Razor Knife, pencil, 8x8 piece of cardboard, Sheetmental screws, Screw Driver, Magic Marker, Sheet Metal Snips, Hammer

Step 1

Locate where you want the supply duct in the ceiling.

Step 2

Push a long screwdriver through the ceiling and hold it there.

Step 3

While someone holds the screwdriver, go in attic and locate it. Bring sawzall, pencil, cardboard cut out (8x8) and 8x8x7 ceiling supply box.

Step 4

Put cardboard cutout over hole and line cardboard up with 1 beam. Use pencil and scribe the square.

Step 5

Person in room should now get the large box and hold it in the area your going to cut the square out, tightly against the ceiling.

Step 5

Cut the 8x8 hole neatly. All debris should fall into box, minimizing mess

Step 6

Fold over one ear of the ceiling box, and place it over hole and against beam.

Step 6

Person in room should now screw the ceiling supply box to the beam

Step 7

Person in room should now place the grill up against the ceiling and screw the grill to the box and sheet rock, through the 3 ears that are not bent. You will have to hold the boxes ears down. Be sure to keep finger clear of screws.

Step 8

Cut hole for collar in ductwork. Use th magic marker to draw the 7" circle, using the inside of the collar as your template

Step 9

Using a screw driver and a hammer, punch a whole in the duct work.

Step 10

Use the sheet metal snips to cut out the circle, using the hole you punched as your starting point.

Step 11

Screw collar to ductwork with sheet metal screws

Step 12

Cut the flexible duct to size and run it from the collar to the ceiling supply box, using the duct straps to fasten the flex to collar and ceiling box.


Note: Use Safety